With over 40 years experience in the elevator industry, Elevator Technical Services, Inc. has the technical skills and experience necessary to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

Elevator Technical Services has offered a full range of consulting and inspection services since 1991. Whether you want to evaluate your current system or modify existing elevator equipment, we will provide responsive and cost effective assistance.

Gus Walsh has 38 years of field experience in the elevator industry including construction, maintenance, modernization, safety testing, inspecting, consulting and supervision. Gus has a solid working knowledge of virtually all makes and models of elevators and has a more in-depth amount of experience with elevator systems installed by the major manufacturers. Email address: guswalsh@elevatortechnicalservices.com

Gary Nall has been installing, maintaining, servicing and adjusting elevators for over twelve years. Gary has an exceptional working knowledge of the installation, adjusting, and trouble-shooting process for traction and hydraulic elevators. Gary has been performing acceptance tests for elevators in new construction for the last five years. Email address: garynall@elevatortechnicalservices.com

Rick Walsh has over ten years of experience in the industry. Rick has a great deal of experience dealing with general contractors, architects, and elevator construction personnel during the construction and modernization process. Rick has a detailed working knowledge of the elevator, electrical and fire alarm codes and writing elevator modernization specifications. Email address: rickwalsh@elevatortechnicalservices.com