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generators are designed for field-reliability. This means we paid attention to what mechanics told us they wanted. Quality components and exhaustive testing are the key elements in the manufacturing process that assure you of receiving a superior performing system.



systems are known for their reliability, stability, and simplicity. All of our systems receive individual attention during fabrication and testing. We do not mass-produce systems. Our organization is field-oriented, which places an emphasis on the design to be rugged and trouble-free. We do not just assemble components and ship. Every system is individually tested to guarantee that you will get a system that will hold up in the field. That's Reliability.


Modular System All standard generators come complete with hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, alternator, tray assembly, cooler, reservoir, level switch, temperature switch, and filter system.

Thermo Twins
All standard generator systems come equipped with our proprietary dual-circuit cooler. is the only hydraulic generator manufacturer that uses a dual-circuit cooler. Tests at our facility and at various apparatus manufacturers verify that coolers cool 40 °F to 50 °F cooler than systems from competitive units.

Electrical Parameters When you purchase a generator system you are buying electrical power. The emphasis in the design should be on the quality of the alternator. Some manufacturers place their emphasis on the hydraulics or on "bells and whistles" that do not contribute to the quality of the electrical output. By contrast in generator systems the alternator is the most important component and also the most expensive component in the system. As a result, units deliver clean, stable electrical power. Our voltage regulation is ±5%, frequency deviation is ±2 Hz, and THC (Total Harmonic Content) is less than 6%.

Hydraulic Parameters The hydraulic components used in generators are the best available. Our circuitry is based on sound engineering principles. The result is long life and low maintenance for the systems. Our systems work with either constant-mesh PTOs or hot-shift PTOs. With generators you DO NOT NEED A SOFT-START. If you change the filter on a regular basis, you will get years of trouble-free performance. Low operating temperatures, quality components, and good design assure you of systems that will stand up to rugged field conditions.

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