Our Mission

It is our Mission to educate insurance agents and district managers around the country to turn their “insurance agencies” into successful businesses providing them with the tools they need to produce a high level of income with the least amount of stress.

Most insurance agents go into business thinking they would make more money, have more time off and would be able to spend more time with their family. Unfortunately for most of them, there is very little support to help them turn their businesses into the income producing machines that they had always hoped for. When you look at most corporate training programs, it’s no wonder why many agents who get off to a quick start and suddenly, for no apparent reason hit a brick wall! It doesn’t matter how great you are at closing a sale, without a proper business foundation you will plateau in less than 5-years!

This website was created with the insurance agent in mind. Think of this as your on-line Human Resources Department. On this site, you will find everything from important business forms, business books, articles and even an on-line tool to help you make the right hiring choices!


Vision Statement

There are very few careers that can truly allow you to have the impact to change people’s lives. In our business, we can do that.

As an insurance agent, you have the professional responsibility to make certain your customer’s assets are protected. You cannot take this responsibility lightly. Our customers want and need your recommendation. It is imperative that you create systems around this type of advised-based service early on in your career.

As a sales manager, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility to provide the highest quality service to the agents who have placed their trust in your programs. Don’t let them down!

I am proud to be the leader of a great team who I consider to be my adopted family. I invite you to join me!


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