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“Each baby born is another light in the world, another soul with boundless possibilities.” So many Baby Nurses possess this awareness, respect and knowledge. So many Baby Nurses take pride and wonder in this realization into the woman’s reality. We facilitate, as well as maintain, the post -partum process as a treasured experience filled with joy and delight.
C.L. Ertel

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to visit my web site on Baby Nurses!

Baby Nurses usually are not registered or vocational nurses, they are women with newborn expertise, very knowledgeable in the area of post-partum recovery for Mom and Baby, bottlefeeding, breastfeeding “hands-on”, and transitioning the baby into the family. The Baby Nurse enters your home to care for you and your infant for up to 24 hours per day or as little as 6.

Unfortunately, for the profession and those seeking the exceptional Baby Nurse, not all those who call themselves Baby Nurses are ‘good’, but there are large group of us that are above the rest. Most of us chat regularly to see how to maintain standards as exceptional Baby Nurses as well as have an extensive training programs along with a standardized examination which willl give the consumer added confidence when interviewing and hiring a Baby Nurse.

Baby Nurses also set up a routine that fits the family which in turn provides each member some predictability and routine. Routine in a family, especially for children provide safety and comfort which is so helpful when a new member arrives on their territory! This also facilitates easier family functioning and allows the family to run more effectively.

The availability of a Baby Nurse varies with each Baby Nurse so it is helpful for you to know how you will be needing the Baby Nurse and what services you see you and your family needing. It may take some searching for a good fit not unsimiliar to a new pair of shoes, you will know when the fit is a good one!! Sometimes it does take some looking around to find that wonderful new pair of shoes that fit. Acquiring a Baby Nurse is an arrangement of choice – both for the family and by the Baby Nurse.

Remember, well-qualified Baby Nurses function as educators, supporters, observers, listeners, and advocate for the new parents in the care of their new baby. The ultimate goal of any Baby Nurse is to leave your home as soon as she can which means she has done her job well.


My style and philosophy regarding babies has been a part of my life since pre-school. As told by my mother, I would touch the pregnant tummies of women I didn’t know without explanation and played dolls while my girlfriends were into boys. Babies are truly a blessing from God; purity in it’s finest form. This wondrous miracle brings such joy and with the joy, the entire experience is usually quite overwhelming, confusing because it’s not the fantasy that is normally expected and to be honest – scary. A very difficult time for parents and the new baby; it’s a learning experience for all involved. My role is to form a partnership with you to lend a learning and comforting hand while caring for new family.

My style is to make the joyous experience just that, JOYOUS. I desire the experience to be less frightening and overwhelming. My goal is to increase parental confidence. One way this is done is by having the parents participate at their comfort level once I have modeled and explained infant care for them. It’s less daunting when someone with expertise is there helping you while praising your parental instincts and that they are, indeed, intact. These steps increase parental confidence and instill trust in their parental abilities.

Because of all our time together teaching, learning, watching, participating, parents increase their confidence and instincts. One way this is done is by having the parents participate with me in the care, keeping a detailed log of the baby’s activities and feedings during the days and nights. This exercise serves to pinpoint an activity that may cause fussiness or patterns of behavior that would alert you to a problem for the MD plus and all of the information the MD will want to know during a phone call or a visit. This log also serves to help keep the baby on the agreed upon routine which was set at the beginning and helps pinpoint any developing patterns that may need changing.

I have my own children and grandchildren (new, so be sure to ask), so I’ve done it my way. I am not invested in convincing you that my way is best. But I am interested in knowing how you want things done even if they change daily until we get it just like you like it. This is very important because so many new Moms are afraid to tell the nurse that she wants it her way and not the nurses. A good nurse will be flexible enough to discuss it with you so you know it is the best for you. Openness and flexibility are important qualities that I rely on. I’m there for your questions, support, and concerns. We can get through anything by coming together and discussing thoughts, feelings, and what the next step needs to be. If I don’t know the answer there are many resources to find what you are needing. cincinnati

I am instinctively maternal, great care giver, nurturing and babies , toddlers, and young children are drawn to me and me to them.

I teach that parenting can be fun, full of joy with tons of laughter even at the beginning. Don’t listen to the horror stories. Most likely they didn’t have the corrective help you are going to receive.

I do have preferences with the families I work with, so please ask to prompt a discussion.

In Your Service,