Manufacturers and international sellers of water well drilling rigs for shallow water reservoirs in rural areas.

Who We Are...
  • Wildcat Mfg. Co. L.L.C. is a manufacturer of affordable top head hydraulic shallow drilling rigs.
  • Wildcat Mfg. Co. L.L.C. is a family owned business with drillers ancestry going back over a hundred years. See history page for some pictures of some old steam driven wooden rigs used at the turn of the century.
  • We know what it takes to get downhole without all the frills and fuss that drive up the cost of
    conventional water well drilling equipment.
  • We manufacture based on your drilling needs and locale and custom fit a drilling rig for your area with ample power and capabilities.
  • When your needs are at 500 feet are less - Wildcat Mfg. Co. L.L.C. has your rig.

What we sell...

The heart of any hydaulic rig is the hydraulic control. At Wildcat, we use the finest available. Our controls are proportional, load-sensing valves designed to give maximum flexibility. Oil flow to an individual function is independent of the load pressure and oil flow to one function is independent of the load pressure of the other functions. This gives maximum assurance of each motor operating independently of the other. Being a proportional valve, the motor speed is directly proportional to the lever position.

 We invite you to check out our drilling rigs in detail. We presently have three models:

  • Wildcatter "200", a man-portable drilling rig which comes apart and can be hand carried to location and is capable of drilling depths to 200 feet with a 6-inch diameter bore hole.
  • Wildcatter "300", a trailer mounted drilling rig capable of drilling depths to 300 feet with a 6-inch bore-hole.
  • Wildcatter "500", capable of drilling depths of 500 feet with a 9-inch bore-hole.
  • Wildcatter "800", coming soon, capable of drilling depths of 800 feet with 9-inch well bore.

What else we sell... drilling supplies, water production supplies and accessories.

  • Mfg. Co. L.L.C. also can supply your water well drilling company with equipment to produce and purify your drinking water source.
  • Whether it's solar, wind, conventional hand pumps, or whatever power is available, we can match your needs.
  • Mfg. Co. L.L.C. can supply all your drilling needs, such as drilling mud, spare parts, drillpipe and bits in all standard sizes and thread, mud pumps, and air drilling supplies and equipment such as compressors, air hammers, and bits in all sizes for your custom drilling needs.
  • Mfg. Co. L.L.C. can also supply all your production needs such as PVC pipe and screens, hand pumps and supplies, solar power set-ups, and windmills.